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Compellent-Dell Storage Center offers a suite of powerful software applications with a modular hardware platform. The Compellent Storage Center SAN combines a powerful data movement engine, intelligent software and a modular hardware platform to redefine efficiency, productivity and protection in enterprise storage. With Fluid Data network storage products, organizations can cut cost, time and risk while rapidly responding to change.  For more, visit www.dell.com.

  Tegile Systems  - new enterprise class storage – offers exceptional speed plus storage of up to 5 times its raw capacity because of Tegile’s on-the-fly data compression and de-duplication technology. One result is significant cost savings over arrays from other manufacturers. Tegile's hybrid is an alternative to slower, bloated, all hard disk-based arrays or fast, expensive, all solid state disk arrays. The hybrid architecture uses fast solid state disks and/or DRAM to cache in-demand data and uses less expensive hard disk drives for low cost capacity.  The result is a faster, high capacity array at a resonable price.  For more, visit www.tegile.com and also see Washington & Lee University discussion.

   Dot Hill 3720 and 3730  8GB Fibre Channel SAN Arrays       8GB  Performance for Virtual Server Environments.  The Dot Hill 3720 and 3730 offer exceptional performance with 8GB Fibre Channel dual port speeds, doubling bandwidth, which is ideal for customers running virtual server environments.
 The 3720/3730 storage systems support  H-714-839-080.SATA, SSD and 3GB and 6GB SAS drives with tiered storage initiatives, and expansion of up to seven JBOD systems.  AssuredRemoteTM - Easy Remote Replication Dot Hill’s optional AssuredRemoteTM software provides the easiest array-to-array remote replication solution on the market today, enabling disaster recovery protection and business continuity with support for up to 512 snapshots per storage array. By providing centralized, array-level replication, Assured Remote offloads backup operations from critical application servers, and aids SMBs in complying with regulations such as the HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley acts. Dot HIll is the OEM for HP's P-4000 line. For more, visit www.dothill.com

SnapSAN S1000 modular storage array is an ideal platform for providing non-stop storage services to the most demanding applications. Designed for high availability, the S1000 combines advanced data protection features and proven reliability with flexible host connectivity to ensure that it will integrate into any storage environment, right out of the box. Installation and management are simple and straight-forward with your choice of single or dual controllers; iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or SAS connectivity, and the ability to scale to 180TB. The SnapSAN S1000 delivers the perfect balance of price, performance, availability, and features to meet your business’s needs.
 For more, visit www.overlandstorage.com.

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